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Will the Fed Trigger a New Economic Crisis?


By granting the Federal Reserve the power to manipulate interest rates, America policymakers have opened up a Pandora’s Box of economic chaos for the past century.

Sure, technological progress has provided a major cushion for Americans to fall back on during this time when the state has grown massive, the dollar has lost its value, and civil liberties have declined. 

However, this system has its limits. After all, it's ultimately run by humans.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

Humans are flawed creatures, as seen by their susceptibility to falling for propaganda and other forms of disinformation.

These same people are in charge of key American institutions such as the Federal Reserve and the vast network of alphabet agencies that dot DC.

This type of leadership, largely indoctrinated by Marxist and Keynesian precepts, is completely in charge of DC. 

For that reason, Americans should be worried. The DC ruling class has no solid grasp of economics and only operates according to political incentives.  

With the world mired in economic turmoil, there’s a strong desire for politicians to “do something.” And that “something” involves some combination of central bank intervention or  government regulation. Or even both at the same time.

This is a disaster waiting to happen, and most Americans don’t realize the gravity of this situation.