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Will There Be A GREAT DEPRESSION 2020? Shocking Answer Revealed!


Great Depression 2020 insights THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

So many people are wondering what type of “recovery” the US economy will have or if we’ll go into an extended recession or even a depression. But I think those people are missing the forest for the trees.

If you correctly adjust for inflation and the real rate of unemployment, the US has been in a depression since 2008! And NOBODY’S TALKING ABOUT THIS! The rebuttal you’d hear is real GDP is up and unemployment is at all-time lows, but that’s what the government wants you to believe.

If you calculate inflation and unemployment the way the government did in the past, the numbers are very consistent with the 1930s. One thing I didn’t mention in the video, which is critical to the analysis, is to look at the social unrest in the US, is this what you’d expect to see with a booming economy and unemployment at all-time lows? Absolutely not!