Rebel Capitalist Q&A June 7, 2020


We had a great Live Q&A today. Almost 3 hours of Q&A. We went ahead and dropped the time stamps next to the questions, so you can fast forward to a question you may be interested in.

Macro Questions

  • [2hours38min29sec] – What do you think of the Electrodollar theory that Raul Pal and Bill Tai talk about?
  • [2hours33min41sec] – Are you bearish after seeing the fake job numbers that were unveiled on Friday? It has been reported that they may have been 100% fabricated. Do you think the market care? Friday's move was parabolic.
  • [2hours18min9sec] – Hi George, could you comment on how fiat currencies of fiscally prudent countries (HK, Taiwan, SG, Switzerland) will fare during global hyperinflation?
  • [2hours14min36sec] – In the event the S&P re-tests March lows, considering the Fed's purchasing program of Investment Grade Corp level debt, do you see Corp debt ETFs e.g. LQD maintaining value or following S&P into correction territory?
  • [2hour12min11sec] – Is there any book you could recommend for a beginner economist/financer?
  • [2hours5min20sec] – What’s your take on the US dollar moving down? Is it going to get worse or will it start recovering?
  • [1hour59min25sec] – I'm having a hard time locating the news but have you heard about private equity firms selling off their assets or taking massive losses? And is there a bailout vehicle that they can tap into?
  • [1hour34min36sec] – How likely will it be that we retest the lows? – Will it likely be Q2 or Q3 earning reports? Or does it usually take longer than that?
  • [1hour29min31sec] – Assuming the dollar milkshake theory materializes, aren’t we likely to see a plaza accord 2.0 in the next 2 years? Could this happen even without US consent?
  • [1hour23min33sec] – I am still confused about deflation & inflation. How do you define deflation and inflation? What are the key markers you use to recognize each?
  • [22min20sec] – What will happen to economies like Ecuador that use USD, a) now that the dollar is strong, b) later when the USD debases? Would they adopt Bitcoin?

Real Estate Investing Questions

  • [1hour19min] – George, thanks for all you do on the channel. You had mentioned CLEVELAND as being a bad linear market for real estate investing during a Jason Hartman recap a few months back. Why don’t you like CLEVELAND for investing? Thx!
  • [1hour11min36sec] – Real Estate may go down in real terms but my dry powder is losing value in real terms. How do we balance this?
  • [28min0sec] – I am interested in Medellin Colombia property in areas that would make good Airbnb rentals in the future. Is that something that you help people find, paid of course, or can you point me in the right direction? Feet on the ground kind of deals.

Investing Questions

  • [2hours3min34sec] – Peter Diamandis, is an engineer who wants to mine asteroids for trillions in precious metals, including gold. NASA is to land one soon. I feel this is not going to be good for the price of gold. Thoughts?
  • [2hours3min2sec] – What brokers do you recommend to avoid counterparty risk?
  • [1hour56min50sec] – I’m hesitant about gold as insurance against hyperinflation. I feel good Real Estate and stocks can also protect your purchasing power. It seems like gold has been hyped up lately, what am I not seeing?
  • [1hour51min50sec] – I have $350k in equity in Northern California. If I sell, I would wait things out and rent a place to live…thus a 1031 exchange may not work for me to avoid cap gains. Any Ideas? Also, what are your preferred linear markets?..and forget Reno!
  • [1hour48min17sec] – How would you allocate into a dragon type portfolio with your 80/10/10 portfolio strategy?
  • [1hour9min34sec] – Can you research the index bubble effect due to the passive investing of Americans 401ks?
  • [1hour20min40sec] – What do you think about purchasing cryptos and lending them as collateral for a high return? Simon Dixon mentioned it but I am very afraid of placing $100k+ euros and losing it because of the exchange.
  • [1hour7min20sec] – If gold is protecting our purchasing power and one ounce of gold buys the same amount of goods, how can people claim gold is an undervalued asset?
  • [1hour4min40sec] – Where do you purchase your physical gold/silver?
  • [50min40sec] – Hey George! What do you think about Dave & Busters as a speculation play? It seems like everyone has stopped caring about the virus in the US and is going stir crazy.
  • [41min37sec] – Simon Dixon talked about crypto financial services that eliminate counterparty risk. Can you explain + macro impact? Also, pls interview Chamath Palihapitiya!
  • [37min29sec] – What would you do if 50% of your net worth was dry powder sitting under the mattress fearing a dollar collapse?
  • [36min0sec] – What ETF or stock did you buy as your Uranium position?
  • [17min11sec] – I have 20% physical gold in my portfolio and want to add a mining stock. Do you hold any miners? What interests you right now if you were looking?
  • [59min20sec] – Where is the best place to invest or protect sums of cash greater than $1.5M for the short term, other than cash? Do T-bills have upper limits of insured amounts greater than ($250k)? Is it a good idea to use a credit union NCUA insurance? Separate Money Market account?
  • [2hours27min23sec] – Can you clarify investments that make you money vs speculation? What's your outlook for dividend stocks? Are there any stocks or sectors that you like?

Personal Freedom Questions

  • [2hours20min19sec] – Have any tips on finding countries/states to retreat to if things get out of hand in the US?
  • [2hours8min17sec] – On your show with Robert Barnes, he mentioned he uses some great law firms (who have employees who are ex-government) for 2nd citizenship. Do you know which law groups he uses or can you recommend some?
  • [1hour45min55sec] – What financial advice would you give someone who is stuck in Syria?
  • [1hour44min44sec] – I have a $57k mortgage on a $160k valued home, fixed for 2 yrs. How important do you think it is to get a 15 year fixed. That's the longest fixed-rate mortgage available in the UK.
  • [56min20sec] – Would you consider teaming up with other Act 22ers in a type of Ombudsman role for guiding us through the Puerto Rican Government?
  • [10min10sec] – I am a retired 61-year-old, and I'm in good shape financially. I have a Texas lake home that is paid for and it's worth $750K. I will probably never relocate. Can you please discuss the pros and cons of refinancing a 30 year fixed mortgage on a 3% interest rate? Should I invest the proceeds?