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Zoltan Pozsar – Is Financial Crisis Days on its Way?


Zoltan Pozsar, Wall St. insider everyone is talking about,


He's boldly predicting QE4 WITHIN DAYS!

Zoltan Pozsar is not only a Wall St. insider with Credit Suisse, but he was also an insider at THE FED!!

Zoltan Pozsar has his finger on the pulse of the financial system like no one else. That's why when Zoltan Pozsar speaks the entire financial world listens.

Zoltan Pozsar is making some shocking claims that could give us a glimpse into the next financial collapse.

If you or anyone you know has an interest in the future of the US economy THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!

So what is it that Zoltan Pozsar is saying that's got the whole world on edge?

He came out with a paper that outlined why he thinks the Fed has to start QE4 almost immediately, and if they don't interest rates in the funding markets could get out of control bringing on financial collapse.

To be clear, Zoltan Pozsar doesn't think that'll happen because he believes the Fed will step in, print money like they always do, and start another round of QE.

And this time they'll actually admit they're doing QE4, unlike the QE4 they're already doing in the repo market!!

Most people have a hard time interpreting the industry jargon Zoltan Pozsar uses in his paper outlining his thoughts. But don't worry about that!!

Zoltan's paper Demystified

I take the summary of Zoltan's paper and break it down for you in a way that's super easy to understand.

By the end of the video, you'll understand what's going on better than the Fed!! 😉 George also discusses Jeff Snider's rebuttal to Zoltan Pozsar on the last Macrovoices podcast so you can get a different perspective.

And of course, George gives you his opinion on who has it right Zoltan Pozsar or Jeff Snider. In this Zoltan Pozsar video, George discusses the following:

1. Basics of the financial systems plumbing and Zoltan Pozsars claims.
2. Zoltan Pozsar vs. Jeff Snider
3. Who do I think is right? Zoltan Pozsar or Jeff Snider and are we days away from the crisis?