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BIS Drops Bombshell: Global CBDC Plan Unveiled!


BIS Report Exposes Central Bank's Authoritarian Control & Implications for Society

Who: BIS, central banks, central planners

What: Report on CBDCs & unified ledger system

When: Recently published (June 20, 2023)

Rebel Capitalist Pro

Where: Global implications

Why: Total control over transactions, assets, & personal data

How: Implementation of CBDCs & unified ledger system

The BIS report paints a picture of a future where central planners wield unparalleled power over the global financial landscape.

They aim to establish a unified ledger system, enabling them to manipulate transactions, collect personal data, and control smart contracts.

While privacy concerns are acknowledged, the report conveniently overlooks the risks of entrusting government entities with personal information.

Under this unified ledger system, central planners would possess detailed transaction data, asset ownership records, and even GPS tracking capabilities.

This level of profiling grants them unprecedented control, allowing them to shape creditworthiness, dictate credit access, and potentially enforce social credit scores that determine opportunities and asset availability.

The report further undermines decentralized alternatives like stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, presenting them as unstable and unreliable.

However, this narrative seems designed to consolidate central planners' authority and maintain their grip on the financial system.

The implications of this concentrated power are vast, endangering individuals' financial autonomy, privacy, and economic freedom.

It opens the door to social engineering, surveillance, and a dystopian society where every aspect of our lives is monitored and controlled.

To protect our rights and liberties, it is essential that we critically analyze and challenge these plans.

By standing up for freedom, liberty, and free-market capitalism, we can resist these centralized control mechanisms and strive for a future where power remains decentralized.

In conclusion, the BIS report provides a stark revelation about the central bank's authoritarian ambitions through CBDCs and a unified ledger system.

It is a call to action, urging individuals to defend their freedoms and demand a financial future that respects their rights.

Let us question, resist, and fight for a decentralized world that upholds individual liberty above all. Together, we can shape a brighter tomorrow. #BIS #CBDCs #FinancialFreedom #Decentralization #FightForRights