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Federal Reserve: Did They Just Trigger The Dollar Collapse?


Could The Federal Reserve QE4 bailout Trigger The Beginning Of A Dollar Collapse?

YOU'RE going to DISCOVER if the Federal Reserve QE4 bailout of the repo market just triggered the DOLLAR COLLAPSE.

Get an insiders look at what the Federal Reserve did specifically and how it's likely to contribute to the dollar collapse END GAME.

If you're worried about the Federal Reserve, the repo market madness, the dollar collapse, and the start of QE4, this video is for you!!

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Repo market bailout

In the middle of September, the Federal Reserve had to print money to inject into the frozen repo market. The repo market is the internal motor that makes the modern-day financial system work. It's a really big deal.

This is the first time the Federal Reserve intervened in the repo market since 2008 when Lehman Brothers went bust.

Although the Federal Reserve is printing money to buy assets and provide the repo market with liquidity (cash), which is the exact definition of quantitative easing, Jerome Powell and others at the Federal Reserve are telling us “THIS IS NOT QE.”

Why are they lying to us?

Why have they been lying to us since the great financial crisis?

I discuss all that and more… The Federal Reserve creates inflation (expansion of the money supply) by creating money out of thin air.

The more money they print, and the more QE the do, the closer we are to the dollar collapse. That's an undeniable fact.

So to answer the question “did the Federal Reserve just start the dollar collapse?” we use 5 simple steps:

  1. How is a dollar collapse created?
  2. How much has/is the Federal Reserve printing?
  3. How fast is the Federal Reserve printing?
  4. How long will they print?
  5. And what's the end game?

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