Hugh Hendry Shares How To Build A Portfolio Like A Pro – RCS Ep. 95

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Hugh Hendry on How To Build A Portfolio & Manage Emotions Like A Pro

This interview with Hugh is a Q&A on how to set up a portfolio. I think this is one thing that most people missed.

They get so fixated on what stock to pick or should they buy Gold, Bitcoin, Bonds, or something else.

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But then people forget to set up the portfolio and how to manage the money.

It is the Structure of the Portfolio that is more important than picking the hottest stock.

That's why I wanted to interview Hugh Hendry to give you an idea of how the Pros build their portfolios.

Hugh Hendry is the Founder Eclectica Macro Hedge Fund. He is also a St. Barts Luxury Real Estate Investor.

Hugh has been managing clients' money for 18 years already. According to him, to structure your portfolio well, you have to manage your emotions.

The perfect example of this is when the price of Gold dropped hard way back in 2003. Should you sell it when the price starts to recover?

Or should you buy more?

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You can find Hugh on Twitter with his handle @Hendry_Hugh. He is also on Instagram with the username HughHendryOfficial.

If you're interested in building your investment portfolio, this video is for YOU!

For the complete interview with Hugh Hendry, click PLAY to watch the video above!

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