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Luke Gromen on Dollar Hegemony Fading, MMT, and Many More – RCS Ep. 96

Rebel Capitalist Show

For today's episode of The Rebel Capitalist Show, I interviewed Luke Gromen and had an awesome conversation about Dollar Hegemony Fading and Economic Collapse.

We also talked about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and Social Unrest.

Luke Gromen is one of my good buddies and I always look forward to talking to him.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

I interviewed Luke two months ago. Since then, a lot of stuff has been going on. Our conversation started by asking Luke Gromen an update on how he is seeing Equities, Bonds, Gold, Bitcoin, etc.

Luke Gromen is the Founder of the unique Macroeconomic Research Firm Forest For The Trees (FFTT). He is the author of The Mr. X Interviews, Volume 1.

Luke and his team has also a very popular product called Tree Rings. Tree Rings is about aggregating on an ongoing basis of signposts of things we're seeing relative to some of the broader trends we're talking about.

Check out Tree Rings by clicking HERE.

I'm obviously a big fan of Luke Gromen that's why I love to promote his product. You can find Luke on Twitter with his handle @LukeGromen.

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If you're interested in Macro and Investing, this video is for YOU!

For the complete interview with Luke Gromen, click PLAY to watch the video above.

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