Martin North Interview on Real Estate, FedCoin, & MORE – RCS Ep. 101

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(Real Estate, FedCoin, Banking For All Act, and Auto Loan Bubble)

This is The Rebel Capitalist Show Episode 101. For today's interview, our guest is no other than the DFA Analyst – Martin North!

Martin North Interview RCS 101

Martin North is one of my good buddies from down under. He is a Finance Sector Analyst and Principal of Digital Finance Analytics (DFA).

I've done a few videos lately on the Housing Market in the United States. I've got kind of outside of the box ideas and I know the Housing Market is all the talk in Australia.

So Martin and I started our conversation with the Aussie Housing Market.


Every single time I talk to Martin, it seems it gets crazier and crazier. And I was just on Martin's channel prior to interviewing him, I saw that he had interviewed some mortgage brokers in Australia.

So I'd love to get all the feedback that Martin North is getting from the boots on the ground research he does.

We also talked about the following:

  • FedCoin
  • Banking For All Act
  • Auto Loan Bubble

If you want to know more about Martin North, you can check his YouTube channel Walk The World. He is also on Twitter with the handle @DFA_Analyst.


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If you're interested in Real Estate, this video is for YOU!

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