Will Negative Interest Rates Create A Dollar Hyper-Bubble?

Negative interest rates may cause a dollar Hyper-Bubble!! Click the play button above to see why!

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Dollar Collapse or Hyper Bubble?

We all know negative interest rates distort markets wildly, but most of the time we assume the downside is that they could collapse the dollar or any fiat currency.

But the opposite could also be true.

Negative interest rates may cause a dollar Hyper-Bubble!! And to be clear the reason I wanted to do this video isn't to argue for or against the dollar becoming a bubble, but it's to introduce outside of the box ideas, so we can all understand the variables involved in macro.

It's never black and white, there is always a shade of grey.

And if we realize there are NEVER CERTAINTIES ONLY PROBABILITIES, we'll make better decisions that will reap benefits long term.

What's it going to be?  Dollar collapse or hyper-bubble?

In this video I will explain:

  1. How money is created and why it matters.
  2. The velocity of money and why it matters.
  3. Negative interest rates effect on velocity and money supply and how it could lead to a dollar hyper-bubble.
We know you're interested in the future of the economy, then click play above to watch this video

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