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Mike Green Interview on Passive Bubble and Extreme Volatility – RCS Ep. 92

Rebel Capitalist Show

Mike Green and I discuss Passive Bubble And Extreme Volatility. Is Your Retirement Safe?!

Our guest for this episode of The Rebel Capitalist Show is someone I really look forward to talking with. I have heard his interviews several times on other podcasts. Every time I hear him on Real Vision or with Grant Williams, I say, “I have got to interview this guy!”

I've also done several Whiteboard Presentations on his work as well. His name is Mike Green.

Mike Green is a Partner, Chief Strategist at Logica.

Logica is an Investment Advisory Firm that relies on rigorous Research & Education to build thoughtful, risk-managed strategies that achieve well-defined objectives.

My interview with Mike started with his back story before we headed straight into Passive Bubble and Extreme Volatility.

Also, I know a lot of YOU are interested in Gold and Bitcoin so I asked Mike if it's a potential way to protect yourself from a volatile future. Or are those asset classes are just risky?

Lastly, I asked Mike Green if he had to give one piece of advice to the person that is reading this, what's the takeaway that you would leave them with?

Find out what Mike Green has to say!

If you want to look for Mike online, you can find him on Twitter with a username  @ProfPlum99.

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