Richard Wolff on Better Understanding of Marxism and the SMALL GOVERNMENT Socialist Movement.

Our guest for this episode is Professor Richard Wolff (the Marxist). That's right. We got him here on The Rebel Capitalist Show.

Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus at UMass Amherst.

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He is also a visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of the New School University in New York.

Professor Richard Wolff is also a co-founder and active contributor to his non-profit – Democracy at Work.

I wanted to bring on Professor Wolff who is a Marxist because I think it's important that all of us get outside of our comfort zone. Or outside of our echo chamber that we are already in.

And also to hear all views. Just because we understand someone's view doesn't mean that we have to adapt their view.

I've always believed that those who have the best grasp of their own position can argue the other side of the debate just as well.

So how can you argue the other side of the debate if you don't even talk to those people? I think hearing all ideas makes your own ideas even stronger.

So that's the MAIN objective of today's show. So I suggest you should dive right into the interview.

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If you're interested in understanding better what Marxism is, this video is for YOU!

For the complete interview with Professor Richard Wolff, click PLAY to watch the video above.

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3 years ago

Hey George! This episode was just mind-blowin. It sparked a lot of curiousity about the topic! Richard Wolff is clearly a very intelligent man and interesting with his point of view. It is hard to find people who can argue so strongly and explain the fundamentals like he can (distinguishing implementation vs. the idea of socialism) on this topic. Thanks for bringing him to the show. I would love to hear more from him on your show where you would debate your ideas: socialism vs. capitalism advantages of one and of the other as well as weaknesses. Where you actually… Read more »