Steven Van Metre on Deflation, US Dollar, & Economic Depression – RCS Ep. 90

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It gives me a great deal of pleasure to bring someone to The Rebel Capitalist Show that I've really looked forward to talking to.

Everyone on Twitter says “Hey, you gotta interview this guy.” So finally we've got him today on The Rebel Capitalist Show. His name is Steven Van Metre!

Steven Van Metre is the Inventor of Portfolio Shield. He is also a Macro Money Manager based in California.

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For those of you who don't fully know the back story of Steven and how he got where is today, I ask him to give us a little introduction.

Steven Van Metre and I really had a great conversation with topics related to Deflation, Negative Interest Rates, the US Dollar, and Economic Depression.

If you're interested in the Future of the Economy, this video is for YOU!

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