Stimulus Checks: Economic Salvation Or Economic Slavery? (Peter Schiff Reacts!)

Stimulus check macro insights 👉 YOU NEED TO KNOW! 👈 Short term it seems like stimulus checks getting into the hands of the people (QE for the people) is necessary to prevent the economy from slipping into a massive recession and potentially worse. Click play and get the latest updates. Click play to get a better understanding.

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Are Stimulus Checks Good Or Bad?

Stimulus checks definitely have a positive short term effect, but what about the long term?

Do stimulus checks create an environment where the long term unintended consequences outweigh the short term benefits?

Like so many macro topics it's important to have a nuanced view.

Without thinking it through carefully, stimulus checks could decrease the number of goods and services produced domestically.

It may not seem like a big deal now, especially when so many Americans are struggling and need the stimulus checks.

But stay tuned. There will be consequences.

Jason Hartman Pandemic Investing
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