Here Are Some Highlights From This Video:

  • Credit Card: Is this a debt-based monetary system provided as a step to create inflation?
  • Lynette shares the importance of being self-sufficient and putting up a garden full of food and medicinal plants on a property she bought.
  • The irony about reducing the wealth gap by giving people credit cards with higher interest rates and by not supporting unions.
  • Financial peace: A must. Otherwise, you will have to dance through their tune.
  • Why does Person X need a different strategy with their precious metals then Person Y?
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1 year ago

Dear Mr Gammon: I enjoy your videos on YouTube and I amd your detailed analysis and I am subscribed. Like millions of fellow citizens most of my assets and my wife’s are trapped in 401(k)s and a few IRAs. I have used some of my limited cash to buy gold and crypto but cash flow is hard with multiple kids Do you Think that people in general should be thinking about withdrawing some or all of their 401(k)s and paying the penalties and related taxes in order to be out of the system while we can or can people in… Read more »

Gene Morris
Gene Morris
1 year ago
Reply to  Don

Don, George will not see this question. You’re better off leaving this question for George Inside the Rebel Capitalist Pro forum.