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Powell’s Shocking Revelation: Unveiling the Future of Interest Rates Will Leave You Astonished

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  • Powell expects more fed rate hikes ahead. 0:03
    • Powell expects more fed rate hikes ahead.
    • Inflation has a long way to go, powell says.
  • This isn’t just a skip. 1:32
    • Central planners think you are stupid.
    • Why pause and why not raise rates.
  • Bond market action breaks up momentum. 4:02
    • Stellar 20-year auction stops through with the highest bid coverage on record.
    • Treasury announces results.
  • The 20-year treasury is trading 100 basis points below fed funds. 5:53
    • The 20-year treasury is trading 100 basis points below fed funds.
    • The fed is a psyop.
  • Jerome Powell knows the yield curve better. 7:38
    • Jerome Powell is not stupid.
    • Actions speak louder than words, actions contradict words.
  • A self-fulfilling prophecy. 9:27
    • Central planners are psychopaths, megalomaniacs and sociopaths.
    • Everyone in government and the global elite is a psychopath.
  • The private sector is being attacked at every level. 11:24
    • You are being attacked at every single level.
    • The private sector is being targeted.
  • Just like Jerome Powell, they try to manipulate you. 12:47
    • Just like Jerome Powell, junior gold miners try to manipulate you.
    • Junior gold miners.
  • Alternative payment platforms and alternative currencies. 14:30
    • The jerome powell approach to Bitcoin and gold mining.
    • The junior gold miners.
  • You have to be wildly cynical to avoid manipulation. 16:12

In a recent testimony to Congress, Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve Chairman, made some astonishing comments about the future of interest rates and rate hikes.

But don't be fooled by his words, my fellow truth-seekers. Powell's actions and the signals from the bond market tell a different story—one of manipulation and deception.

Let's dissect Powell's testimony, shall we? He claims that the fight against inflation has a long way to go and that more rate hikes are on the horizon.

But history tells us a different tale.

Every time the Fed hits the pause button, the next move is usually a downward adjustment, not an increase. So why the pause? Why the contradictory messages?

The answer is simple: Powell thinks we are idiots. He believes that we are too naive to see through their smoke and mirrors, too gullible to question their motives. And unfortunately, he might be right.

The central planners, including Powell, view themselves as superior beings with the divine mission of guiding us ignorant masses. They lie to us, manipulate us, all for our own good, or so they claim.

But let's not stop at Powell's deceitful tactics. This web of deception extends beyond the central banks. Private sector actors are also guilty of playing mind games with us. Take, for instance, those junior gold miners or even some Bitcoin enthusiasts.

They peddle their narratives, hoping to manipulate us into buying their stocks or digital assets, all while knowing the truth themselves. It's a game of profits, and we're the unsuspecting pawns.

We must remain vigilant, my friends, for these manipulations are everywhere. Whether it's in the halls of power or the realms of finance, we are under constant attack. And skepticism alone won't cut it. We must be wildly cynical, questioning every word, every action.

Let's connect the dots. The recent 20-year Treasury auction witnessed stellar demand, indicating robust interest in US treasuries. If the demand were truly a problem, as some claim, would the 20-year Treasury be trading below the Fed funds rate? I think not.

The bond market signals a different story, one of excessive interest rate hikes, impending disinflation, and a potential recession.

Powell knows this. He's not ignorant like me, a mere YouTuber. He sees the yield curve and understands the implications.

Yet, he chooses to lie, to manipulate, all because he thinks we are too feeble to handle the truth. He fears that revealing the real condition of the economy would cause panic and worsen the situation.

So he continues to spin his web of deception, aided by his cronies in the central planning apparatus.

But let's not forget the bigger picture, my fellow truth-seekers. We are under attack at every turn.

Governments, central banks, and global elites—all view us as expendable pawns in their quest for power and control. They want us to surrender our autonomy, to submit to their narratives without question.

It's time to wake up, to embrace our skepticism, and to think for ourselves. Don't fall for their lies, their manipulations.

Do your own research, question everything, and refuse to be controlled. We are not the ignorant masses they believe us to be. We are free-thinking individuals capable of seeing through their charades.

So, my friends, let's unravel the webs of deceit and expose their true intentions. Let's reclaim our autonomy, our freedom, and stand against the central planners and their psyops.

Together, we can dismantle their illusion and forge a path toward a future that is truly in our hands.

The battle is on, and the truth will prevail. Stay vigilant, stay skeptical, and never stop seeking the truth.